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Jena and Quinn

Jena and Quin are such a wonderful couple, the moment I got in to the room I could feel the good energy coming from Jena and her bridesmaids, everyone was joking and having fun, dancing... I knew this was going to be a wonderful day. By the time we were doing the first look I could tell Jena knew what she was doing... she and the camera became one, to the point that me and the photographer team were just existing nearby while Jena and Quinn looked spectacular.

By the way, Quinn also looked super dashing in his military uniform, I think it was cute how every time he'd see Jena his look would just change, you could tell he was absolutely in love with her.. I can't forget the first look when Quinn turned and said "Wow look at you..." Followed by Jena's "Look at YOU!..." these guys are made to be together and after taking that love and putting it on a field with sunsets and flowers, I took one of the best video footage I've taken from a wedding. Thank you guys for sharing your beautiful special day together you guys are fantastic!

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Pacific Views Event Center

Marine Memorial Chapel

Alicia Marie Artistry

Nancy Lobo Designs

Taste and Sea Bakery

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